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We enable companies to be part of the AI transformation.

What we offer

We bridge the gap between industry and AI. No hassle, just answers to your questions and measurable value.

Artificial Intelligence can create value in cost optimization, generating new revenue streams and preventing risks. Yet too many companies don't dare to make use of these capacities. We enable your business to be part of the AI transformation by providing custom made solutions that really make a difference.


We assess your data and identify potential machine learning use cases in close collaboration with your business stakeholders.


Based on the findings we build the machine learning solutions and validate their success with you.


We integrate and operate the machine learning solutions for you. You supply the data and domain knowledge, we answer your questions in real time. It's as simple as that!


We make sure that you understand what is happening throughout the whole lifecycle - how is the solution performing, is it creating the value initially defined?


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Meet the team

We are

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Robert unifies real entrepreneurship, strategic foresight and empathy towards colleagues and business partners. He is a Business-Person by heart and is driven by the goal to bridge the gap between AI and real business value for Kineo's customers.

Robert Kaletsch Sales & Network
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Ferdinand is a former Lead Architect of a €200M e-commerce and a founder. He is excited to push the boundaries of AI tech and wants to build a modern organisation on the basis of personal growth, ownership, trust and empowerment.

Ferdinand von den Eichen Architecture & Organization
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Korbinian supports Kineos scientists with all they need to build amazing machine learning products. His goal is to create a research environment where true talents can grow and flourish.

Korbinian Kuusisto AI & Research
Percent of Businesses
want to work with AI
Percent are actually
working with AI
Trillion dollar additional revenue
in AI by 2030
Percent Hosted in Europe
and GDPR compliant

Meet our Partners

We are proud members of

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Rapid iteration in the cloud is at the core of our business, so we are immensely thrilled to be partnering with Amazon Web Services, both as an Activate Member, as well as official APN Partner.

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Deep learning benefits from GPU accelerated training and inference in many ways, so we have teamed up with NVIDIA.

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We consider ourselves a community, so it only makes sense to take part, contribute and give back to the larger community in Germany.

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We believe AI is ready to be used in any modern application, that is why we decided to join the Initiative for Applied Artificial Intelligence.

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DEEP BERLIN is a technology specific program to strengthen the artificial intelligence ecosystem in Berlin for driving cross-sector innovation. We needed to be a part of that!

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