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The combination of competence, passion and business sense is what makes Kineo stand out as a AI-as-a-service provider, and are also the characteristics of each individual Kineo employee.

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Great results are created by passionate people. We match great minds with great challenges to create win-win situations for our clients and our team.

We take leadership organically and deliver beyond what our customers expect of us.

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We are proud software engineers and take any technical challenge as a chance to further grow our knowledge and our stack.

We also thrive on sharing and discussing our learnings.


Business Sense

We don’t see tech as purpose in itself – we question business value and viability continuously.

A project is only successful when our customer is successful with it.

Beyond that, we value…

No Hierarchies

Wondering why there are birds flying around? Well, these birds are Quelea. Quelea flocks can consist of the thousands of individual birds. These flocks are large enough to darken the sun. Regardless of the amount of birds, they are able to organise themselves without having dedicated bosses. A bird can sometimes be a leader and sometimes a follower. A symbol that perfectly fits our culture and mindset.

Personal Growth

Having no hierarchies is something we don’t do ‘just because’, we do it to enable personal growth in each and everyone. We create a safe environment to make difficult decisions. We support each other in those decisions, between peers and through a personal Mentor for everyone at

Feedback Culture

We value being able to find out whether a change has been successful in moments, not days. It might be that unit tests have passed, or that we haven’t broken production, or that a customer is happy with what we’ve built. Not only in the collaboration with our customers but also within the team continuous and constructive feedback is a core value of Kineo.


We value a healthy work-life balance where the possibility of recharging batteries is key. Being a startup can absolutely be combined with being a happy parent. In fact this balance gives us the energy to perform at our best every day.


We believe impact beats growth. We are a part of the AI Transformation and we want to drive the change within the industry. Creating business value for our customers through AI is our mission. We avoid investors, VC’s or Accelerators to stay independent and to shape the company culture and impact on our customers as we want.


We take equality and diversity serious in our team as well as our organization. This materializes on many different levels: for example we all have transparent salaries according to fixed levels and everyone always knows on what level everyone else is.


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Ferdinand is a former Lead Architect of a €200M e-commerce and a founder.

He is excited to push the boundaries of AI tech and wants to build a modern organisation on the basis of personal growth, ownership, trust and empowerment.

Ferdinand von den Eichen [he/him]

Software & Architecture

team irem

Irem loves everything about numbers and very excited about solving the challenges attached to them.

She thrives in challenges where she can create value with her expertise and thoroughly enjoys the process of building products that make difference.

Dr. Irem Nasir [she/her]

AI & Research

team julia

Julia is a problem solver and strives to analyse challenges from the customer’s perspective.

She focuses to develop impactful solutions by combining human domain expertise with machine intelligence.

Julia Ostheimer [she/her]

AI & Research

team korbinian

Korbinian supports Kineos scientists with all they need to build amazing machine learning products.

His goal is to create a research environment where true talents can grow and flourish.

Korbinian Kuuisto [he/him]

AI & Research

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Richard knows the real-life challenges in machine learning from first-hand experiences as former CTO in major German e-commerce companies. Today, he’s the CTO of Sanoma Learning, Europe’s largest technology provider for K12 education in Europe.

Richard Herz [he/him]


jan website

Jan is a true believer in artificial intelligence and wants to see AI happen in every industry. He is taking care of the stable, performant and highly available operation of our AI solutions. It is always his goal to provide top-notch infrastructure to display the powerful impact of artificial intelligence.

His motto: Automate, what can be automated!

Jan Fiedler [he/him]

Software & Architecture

Broder Website

Coming with a backend engineer and cloud platform support background, Broder loves to dive into issues for hours in order to fix them.

As a beginner privacy and security enthusiast, he wants to experience the different aspects of AI in real life and what it could do for the better in the world.

Broder Peters [he/him]

Software & Architecture

team robert 2

Robert loves talking to people about the potential of AI.

He is a Business-Person by heart and is driven by the goal to bridge the gap between AI and real measurable business value for Kineo’s customers.

Robert Kaletsch [he/him]



Jannis enjoys interacting with people and is always up for a good laugh. He always tries to work in a team and approaches his colleagues with his enthusiastic and positive attitude. He combines his passion for artificial intelligence with an urge to change the world for the better. That’s why he loves to tackle new challenges and sees no problem as too difficult.

Jannis Grönberg [he/him]

AI & Research

team svenja

Svenja is one of the first points of contact in the AI journey of companies. She has the fascinating job to present Kineo, brainstorm use cases with companies and detect points where we can do our magic.

She studied history and political sciences but always felt driven to IT. After having worked at IBM where she was already getting in touch with AI, Svenja decided to dive in to the startup world and joined Kineo. 

Svenja Schölermann [she/her]



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