Building the AI Factory of 2021 and beyond— A Journey

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The last 5 years have seen the machine learning industry explode into a variety of tools and services, both managed and open source. This article tells our story of navigating this space. If you’re an engineering manager looking to build up teams, infrastructure and invest in AI enabled products, it is for you.

Afraid of AI? Where Artificial Intelligence can benefit your business


When thinking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) we have several pictures coming up into our minds. These are strongly influenced by the touch points we already had with AI. There is an ambiguity on how AI is perceived in society. One of the pictures creating fears of AI and spooking around for several years is one that numerous books and sci-fi movies to illustrate.

5 interesting AI trends in 2020


In 2020 we talked to more than 100 enterprise companies about AI in their business. Here are 5 interesting trends we discovered.